Live Classes

In light of the current situation, I will be offering some live classes online, so I can come (albeit virtually) into your lounge!

I am offering these classes on a pay what you can basis, with a suggested £10 payment. Please practice regardless of your financial situation. This is on a sliding scale based on what you can afford right now as I know this is a tough time for everyone. Please bear in mind this is in exchange for my time and energy. As they say, 'take what you need, give what you can'.

I am also offering classes through triyoga online, Restorative on Sunday and Yoga on Wednesday. Click here for my full triyoga schedule

For my Zoom classes please register using the links in the schedule below.

Payment is via the PayPal button below. Or you may contact for direct bank details. Thank you for your support and flexibility during this time.



1-2:30pm - teachers' practice : £10

Register for teachers' practice

This is a class for teachers and experienced students. This will be a space to come together as a saṅgha, or community, support one another and practice.

Please bring any props that you may have.

The room will open at 12.50pm with the class starting at 1pm


2.30-2.45pm - Q + A

Space to look at how to support your practice, stay connected and navigate your way in our new yoga world.


6-7:15pm – restorative : £10

Register for restorative

This restorative class is open to all. 

Restorative yoga requires the use props, you will need at least a bolster, a blanket and 2 foam bricks and any other suitable bits from your house! You can always use a scarf as both a belt and an eye bag!

The room will open at 5.50pm with the class starting at 6pm



6-7:15pm – yoga : £10

Register for yoga

This class is open to all.

Please bring any props that you may have.

The room will open at 5.50pm with the class starting at 6pm



1-1.10pm – NHS free meditation

For NHS staff and anyone who wants to offer their good wishes through meditation

Register for meditation


 If you do need any props, my good friend Lucy Edge has given me a discount code to use on her site Yoga Clicks. To get 15% off you can use the code: ANNA15 at checkout.

Connecting to Zoom for Class

To get on Zoom you simply need to download Zoom desktop client or mobile app. You then need to click on the ‘Register for’ link on this page for the class you want to take. After registering for the class, you will see a confirmation screen with the link to join the class, and you will also receive an email confirmation with the class link. Please check your spam folders if you do not receive the link. If you have any issues please contact

NOTE: When you have joined the class please don't forget to mute yourself.

Yoga is for everyone. However, when online it is up to the individual to assess whether they are ready for the class that they have chosen. If you suffer from a specific injury or are managing a condition it is your responsibility to consider whether or not this practice is right for you.

Audio Streams/Podcasts

I am also offering 10 minute audio downloads on a pay what you can basis, with a suggested payment of £3.

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