London - Easter Bank Holiday Retreat

Rise up + Shine - with Anna Ashby and Nikki Slade
Mon, Apr 17th 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
triyoga, Camden
57 Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7DB
Enquiries: triyoga

triyoga once again celebrates Easter with the well-loved ‘urban retreat’ in Camden, where the benefits of retreat can be experienced without leaving London.

This one day retreat will include an active asana practice, restorative yoga, chanting, and meditation led by two of triyoga’s most well-respected teachers, Anna Ashby and Nikki Slade.

Anna and Nikki uniquely weave together asana and chanting in such a way that draws forth an inner blissful state of being. The focused environment of a retreat provides the space for introspection, contemplation and rejuvenation - a perfect way to welcome in Spring at a time of year important across traditions.

Easter has come to represent a time of remembrance and transcendence - remembering the inner light, which at its essence can deeply heal and offer a means of overcoming suffering made more difficult by limited perceptions of the mind.

The journey of a seeker involves moving from a state of ‘darkness to light’ or from ‘ignorance to knowledge’ actively re-affirming interconnection. By learning how to enter the abode of the heart and what that means, and by understanding the nature of the wayward yet powerful mind, the retreat offers a way to ‘rise up + shine’ with the power of the highest state - that of unified perception where there is no sense of separation or ‘aloneness’.

By coming together in this way with others, a potent energy of renewal + transformation builds reaffirming the symbolism of Easter.

Come prepared to be energised and renewed; stoke your inner Sun through asana practice and enter the sweetness of the inner Self through the power of chanting.

Lunch from the Nectar Cafe is included.

Everyone welcome.


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