London - The Butterfly Effect

Precision + Subtlety in Practice - CPD eligible
Sun, Jul 23rd 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
triyoga, Chelsea
triyoga, SW3 5UZ
Enquiries: triyoga

Anna Ashby will be offering a unique series of workshops each limited to 18 students. In this smaller group format, a learning environment with detailed instruction will refine and hone the practice allowing for precision and subtlety of experience. Attention to alignment and detail will encourage a more conscious and considered approach the lends itself to going deeper.

This workshop explores how the right amount and application of balanced action, even in small measure can revolutionise the experience of practice and prevent injury. The butterfly effect is the concept that small causes can have large effects. In this context, the application (or lack) of a specific action in a pose can have a dramatic effect on its outcome. By exploring stabilising action - drawing from the periphery of the body into the core - combined with the action of expansion/extension, a pose becomes a perfect means to experience space and release unnecessary tension that can lead to injury. All too often striving, excess force and lack of understanding of the right action results in the common injuries faced by yogis i.e. hamstring pulls, prolapsed discs and shoulder/wrist injury. The conscious application of stabilising action + expansion prevents it.

 Category of poses: backbends with restorative, breath and meditation

 The workshop is ideal for teachers, teachers in training and experienced students who wish to reflect on the architecture of poses and sequencing furthering their understanding of modern postural yoga. The format allows for dialogue and questions.

Students are expected to have a mature practice of 3+ years. If you have questions about suitability of level please contact

CPD-Black-Transparent.png This workshop counts towards CPD requirements for all Yoga Alliance Professional members as well as for Yoga Alliance US.


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