London - Teachers' Intensive

What Do You See? - CPD eligible
Sun, Sep 03rd 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
triyoga, Camden
57 triyoga, Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7DB
Enquiries: triyoga

A unique intensive for teachers to explore the art of practice and teaching.

The intensive includes alignment based asana practice, modelling thematic teaching and focuses on the art of seeing. By first understanding basic principles of alignment common to every posture, and then practising a way of seeing that is methodical and holistic, much can be discerned as to what's needed in a pose. Being able to discern what's needed is the precursor to effective assisting. This intensive will cover what to look for and what's helpful (or not) in seeing clearly.
The intensive is ideal for teachers wanting to refine alignment instruction and improve teaching skills. It creates a nurturing space for contemplation and applying successful teaching methods. Come prepared to share challenges that may come up during teaching and draw upon the wisdom of the group.
Through asana practice, discussion and practical application, this intensive provides an environment where you may delve deeper into your own practice, as well as contemplate and evaluate methods of communication, expression + action that will refine your teaching.

This workshop counts towards CPD requirements for all Yoga Alliance Professionals members as well as for Yoga Alliance US.


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